Categories of Health Insurance in India

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health insurance policy

Health insurance is the safeguard for all risky medical issues. It will keep away your worries from a medical emergency. It leads to cashless treatment and free from stress like organ donor expenses and claim bonuses. But we must notice the thing before set foot in a health insurance policy.

  • compare with other companies
  • Prompt policy
  • Renewable period
  • Stress-free claim

Different types of plans

There are two types of plans in health insurance

  • Compensation
  • Describe – benefit plans


It is a customary health insurance policy that offset the hospitalization expenses or if any medical emergency procedures. This insurance reimburses the hospitalization tariff due to accidental stay or crisis situation. It gives coverage to nursing charges, oxygen, doctor’s outlay, and anesthesia.

  • Mediclaim insurance
  • Individual coverage
  • Family floater coverage
  • Superior citizen coverage
  • Unit linked health plans
  • Group Mediclaim insurance

Individual Coverage

The individual health insurance plan covers the scheme holder. It covers losses against unexpected illness or unintentional situations. The sum insured only one individual that is for the policyholder. Traverse the individual health plan and pick the best one which is opted for you.

Family floater coverage

The family floater policy is similar to the individual plan. But the only chief variation is that policy covered the entire family. The total sum insured and it can be occupied by family member those who are indisposed. Relatively it has a higher sum insured than the individual and Mediclaim coverage. It is imitating like an eggshell that keeps away our family members from cost hazards while hospitalization.

Superior citizen coverage

There is no age limit for enjoyment. Because age is just a number and it is nothing more than that. Superior citizen’s mind always having oscillation about their post-retirement life. Mediclaim insurance hold up them for an annual health examination, tax savings, floater, and other issues they support them step by step. According to the IRDAI, each health insurance donor currently offers the coverage individual up to the age of 65 years.

Unit linked health insurance

The unit-linked plan is a special mixture of investment and insurance. Insured is offered by insurance coverage and the stock market makes avail use of reward premium.

Group Mediclaim

It can give coverage to the bunch of peoples at the comparatively lower premium. These are 25% cheaper than the open market policies.

Describe benefit plans

On the other side, this plan was split into three categories.

  • Critical sick plan
  • Personal inadvertent plan
  • Hospitalizations cash benefit plan

Critical sickness plan

This plan offers protection as opposed to the expense’s imbalance due to sudden illness. Some illness is cancer, kidney transplant, heartsickness like aorta graft surgery, bypass surgery, multiple sclerosis, etc.

Personal inadvertent plan

  • It is paid to the family if any sudden death due to an inadvertent situation.
  • Sum insured to the drivers or owners due to incomplete or complete dysfunction.

Hospitalization daily cash

Aside from the hospitalization expenses, the insured is daily paid for cash allocation up to a particular constraint.

Right health insurance will save you and your family from all unexpected events.