Parents provide a secure internet day to their kids

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Tutors are just teaching the subject knowledge. But the parents should be real tutors to their kids. They should teach the outer world and its experience. They should also act as detectors of their kids. Tracking their activities frequently .parents should teach and train the kids with real-life examples. That is the best method for making them an understanding of a better way. Internet services always spoil the kids  and their life quality.above all the parents should find the best solution and providing safe internet day to the kids 

You should educate first

Parents should be updated about current affairs on the internet. Updated the latest antivirus software on your personal computer. Antivirus protects our system from all the unwanted keeps secure all our files.

Discuss with doing or don’t 

Parents should teach about online behavior They should show the real-world experience to their kid.they make their kids identify the online world mirrors and its sufferings.

Play the friend role 

Parents should be best friends to their kids. They act as a monitor and watch them carefully. what media they frequently watching and what kind of apps they addition to the parents should watch which games they love to play. Above all the parents should be a good partner to their kids.

Aide memoir them online catch forever

Reminding your kids that online is always watching their kids.internet sometimes leads to dangerous causes unintentional surprise and plays with our peace.parents should be the best tutor for their kids and remind the other face of online.

Be aware your kids from cyber activities 

Parents should be the best guider to their never let them feel alone to handle cyber case if your kids were fallen in cybercrime activities you should help them.   

Don’t share snap or vid 

Parents should remind your kids about sharing snaps and videos. Because it causes dangers to them or some others. you should make them aware of your kids about posting the snaps or videos to the internet. Because it spoils the reputation of your kids.

Design strong passwords 

You should create strong passwords with uppercase and lowercase letters, comma, colon. It is very hard for third parties. Similarly, make your kids do the type of password. Watch your kids that they share original names, birth dates, and other personal details. Especially they never share mobile numbers or bank details on social media. It causes severe perils or inadvertent events to your kid’s life.

So the internet is only for our development and we can acquire knowledge anywhere. But many them misuse the internet and social media and spoil their reputation by some malpractice. Parents should be the pillars for their kids to guide them in a proper manner. You should teach them to live strong from the real online world,s activities.