Sports Important For Growth of Kids

Why Are Sports Important For Overall Growth of Kids

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It is said that kids learn quickly in their growing age, their social, physical, and mental development is the fastest at this age. It is easy to mold kids and sports helps the parents in doing so.  Here are some important reasons why sports help in the overall development of kids.

  1. Fitness and posture development: in 2016 it was reported that 14% of children were obese whereas 16% were overweight and 27% of children were reported to be fit and playing at least 60 mins per day. Playing sports at the developing age improves the posture of a child’s body and also keeps a child fit.
  2. Learning discipline: as we all know sports works on rules, planning, and time management. And discipline also consists of rules and time management this makes the kids more disciplined. Children also learn to respect the person in authority and also learns to respect the senior.
  3. Learning the morals: playing sports teaches children that winning and losing are apart of life. It doesn’t matter that you win or you lose, it’s that participation that matters the most.
  4. Team spirit: sports teach team spirit, children learn to make friends. By teaching other children, the child learns to interact and make friends who are likely to stay a lifetime. Kids learn to speak, put up their opinions. They learn loyalty and also learn to keep their promises.
  5. Strengthening bones: sports strengthen the bones. Playing sports for a sustained period of time can improve bone mineral density, especially among girls.
  6. Healthy heart: playing sports daily reduces the risk of cardio diseases. Fat people are more likely to have cardio diseases in the future, so, making kids play will reduce the fat level in the body. According to research high school students who took part in any sport outside of school had significantly better cardiovascular fitness than children who participated solely in PE.

All of these are the benefits of playing sports. Making their kids play on a daily basis is the duty for parents. In this age of technology, kids have stopped playing outside but have rather started playing on mobile phones or video games. So this is the duty of parents to not give mobile phones to their children and rather take them outside in the parks for playing. And also help kids develop an interest in sports. read more